It's been a while since "clash of clans" got a big game update and it seems like the Game Developers are in the process of making up for the absence of major and legit updates. According to reports, Supercell announced that a massive "COC" game update is brewing in their headquarters. However, the excitement of the players is still walking on thin ice as Supercell revealed that the said updates wouldn't be implemented this Apr. 2017. In one of the game developer's Facebook post, they teased the players with an announcement that the upcoming update will be unlike any other game update that they have released in the history of the game's existence.

During the past five years of the existence of "Clash Of Clans," players can testify that the game has evolved in so many ways. From its characters to game balances, scoring, clan wars, and attack modes, "COC" game developers can proudly say that they have been bringing innovation to the table since day one.

'COC' update expected to give the game a new look and major makeover

For several months, Supercell has been dropping subtle game updates, which, for some players, seem to be unnoticeable or irrelevant in general. This might be because some "COC" updates only came in the form of recalibrations and slight tweaking of the game flow.

In the upcoming "Clash Of Clans" update, players are expecting new characters or a new set of powers and abilities for existing heroes.

New objects - such as weapons, armor and significant items are also expected to be unleashed in the upcoming game update.

Sea attacks and water creatures coming soon?

Talks about "COC" getting new sea-related characters have begun circulating in the last quarter of 2016. The said speculations reportedly began when an alleged leaked video in YouTube allegedly showed a shipwreck in the middle of the game.

Right then and there, netizens and avid players of the popular mobile game quickly speculated that mermaids, sea monsters and giant seahorses might be introduced as new characters.

However, months have passed, and Supercell has neither confirmed or denied the "Shipwreck" update. Could this be part of the alleged major "Clash Of Clans" update that's set to be released in 2017?

Players can only wait and hope for some major game update spoilers from Supercell. Initially, talks about the "COC" 2017 update being released in April circulated among almost all mobile-game related forums. However, the company released a statement that although they, too, want to release the update as soon as possible, they are not ready to release it yet.