Bethesda's Todd Howard previously outlined the studio's plans for the video game titles that will be released in the next few years. It was revealed that Bethesda's development arm, Bethesda Game Studios, is currently working on seven different projects.

Three of the seven projects were specified to be a virtual reality version for "Fallout 4," the Nintendo Switch version of "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim," and the long-awaited "Elders Scrolls 6." Now, one of the three other mysterious titles may just have leaked, and it looks like it will be another mobile video game.

Job opening

According to a recently posted job listing, which was spotted by a NeoGAF user, Bethesda's Montreal studio is apparently looking for a game performance manager to oversee a "bleeding-edge AAA freemium game." This means that the studio is currently working on a big budget mobile game that will follow the free-to-play business model.

The game will be free to download, but players may be inclined to purchase additional "items" within the in-game store should they want to progress more easily through the mysterious new title. Aside from the phrase mentioned above, the job listing doesn't reveal a lot of other information.

First in-house title

Bethesda's second studio, Bethesda Game Studios Montreal, actually hasn't yet produced its video game titles since it was opened in 2015.

The studio did a lot of work on its parent company's other projects, but the in-house development team hasn't really developed a title of its own.

According to the latest reports, it may be possible that the studio could get in touch with Behaviour Interactive to work on the project, given the latter's experience with the mobile game, "Fallout Shelter." Bethesda Game Studios Montreal already has a working relationship with Behaviour seeing as that worked on the mobile game together.

Still in the dark

As of the moment, there isn't yet any information regarding the theme of the upcoming game and if it will even be tied in with any of Bethesda's big franchises.

However, given its success with "Fallout Shelter," which gained over 50 million players during its peak, the upcoming new mobile may still be within the same franchise.

There are currently a lot of theories regarding the nature of the game. Some fans have predicted that it could be a collectible card game, while others think that it could simply be a sequel to "Fallout Shelter."

Bethesda has also not yet made any comments or statements regarding the newly uncovered listing, which means that fans will likely have to wait for an official announcement to find out the actual details.