Ubisoft will roll out a major overhaul to “Rainbow Six Siege” through the Operation Health update. One of the many changes that this patch will bring to the game includes massive improvements in the hitbox of the player. A hitbox is a place in a particular character model that is defenseless from being hit by bullets. It is worth noting that anything within the box if hit by a bullet, will reduce the player’s health.

Previous issues

In a blog posted by Ubisoft, the game developer explained why they decided to implement changes to “Rainbow Six Siege’s” vulnerable boxes.

Among the issues that the team encountered includes several Operators’ accessories that ground issues because they mark as lousy targets. In addition, other Operators needed distinctive visual customizations to differentiate them from others. Aside from those, Ubisoft realized that there is a lack of consistency and the variances between hitbox behavior of the new and old Operators creates confusion, especially for new players.

Latest changes

Because of the issues enumerated, the game developer decided to implement several changes. This includes the removal of accessories from the hitboxes. Ubisoft would also like to highlight consistency in the game. Therefore they decided to completely align it with the latest game design concept that only human body parts will count.

There are other adjustments in “Rainbow Six Siege” aside from the hitboxes. The developer wishes to implement in the game the principle that "everything should react." In order to achieve this, Ubisoft would introduce audio and visual cues for Operator parts that do not result in damage. For instance, when a player strikes a metal accessory, a visual effect would be seen, and a ricocheting sound would be heard.

In order to achieve this, Ubisoft would need to incorporate an additional full layer of hit detection to trigger the audio and visual reactions in the game. Moreover, the team behind the shooter game said that for non-damaging hits, they cannot give the specific date yet for its implementation. The developer believes that this will entail more work and will consume more time.

Rainbow Six Siege” Operation Health update also known as patch 2.2.1, will be released on PC on June 6. For the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, the update will be rolled out following the PC patch. We will keep you posted about other updates about your favorite game as soon as information becomes available.