Kanye West is making headlines once again, but this time he is facing the ire of his fellow African-American musicians for suggesting that slavery may have been a choice. The 40-year-old rapper mentioned the controversial statement during an interview with TMZ when he shared his opinion about the enslavement of Africans and African-Americans in the United States.

West mentioned that 400 years of slavery may have been too long and that it sounded like it was a choice. This immediately caught the attention of his fellow African-American musicians and Celebrities who condemned the rapper for saying something so insensitive.

Kim Kardashian has so far been very supportive of her husband, but she has maintained that she doesn’t necessarily agree with all of his views.

Snoop Dogg bites back

Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr., or more popularly known as the rapper Snoop Dogg, is one of many of West’s growing number of detractors, who has publicly condemned the rapper for his recent behavior.

The rapper also previously criticized West for endorsing President Donald Trump’s agenda online. Snoop recently posted a photoshopped image of West on Instagram, which depicts him with pale white skin. The rapper captioned the image with a statement that ridiculed West for going “all white.”

Immediate Backlash

Celebrities such as John Legend and “A Wrinkle In Time” director, Ava DuVernay, have already taken to social media to express their outrage over the rapper’s statement.

Legend even mentioned that he was very much concerned about the rapper’s mental health at this point.

West has had several mental breakdowns over the years, with the latest one resulting in him being admitted to the UCLA Medical Center in 2016. The rapper was found to be suffering from hallucinations and paranoia, which was caused by him having a “temporary psychosis.” West had to cancel several concerts following the episode.

Mute Kanye

As reported by TIME, a hip-hop radio station in Detroit has even decided to boycott all of the rapper’s music following his controversial opinion on the horrendous institution of slavery.

Radio hosts at 105.1 FM “The Bounce” told listeners that they would immediately stop playing any songs that were written or produced by West.

The station apparently got an “overwhelming” amount of requests from listeners to boycott the rapper. The station’s hosts have also started an online campaign to boycott the rapper’s music, which is being spread by the hashtag #MuteKanye.