Battlefield 1” is set to receive its newest DLC called “In the Name of the Tsar.” Players were first introduced to the content at this year’s EA Play, which was followed by a presentation at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). EA has been all over the place, trying to promote the upcoming expansion.

The aforementioned “Battlefield 1” content will feature the army from the Eastern Front, specifically the Russians. Perhaps the most interesting part of this is the arrival of the infamous Women’s Battalion of Death, a group of ladies who helped the country’s government in raging war.

In fact, for the first time in the series’ history, female characters are going to be part of the game.

DLC is the ‘most extensive’ pack

GameReactor UK was able to have a chat with Andrew Gulotta, the game’s producer, who unveiled interesting details about the upcoming WWI-themed shooter title. Referring to the new DLC, he mentioned about how difficult it was for the team to move the game from “the Western Front over to the Eastern Front.” Gulotta said that “In the Name of the Tsar” conveys the biggest front in the history of the Great War, with the Russian army being in the spotlight.

Gulotta went to confirm that new weapons and a good array of vehicles will be coming to “Battlefield 1.” The DLC is also expected to bring a brand new game mode as well as more operations.

Apparently, though, he did not oblige when asked about what exactly these new features were. He instead claimed that forthcoming content is, in one way or another, the “most extensive” expansion they have ever developed.

More interesting stuff

The “Battlefield 1” producer also teased the arrival of the new night maps, which are actually coming way ahead of “In the Name of the Tsar.” Although no exact date has been revealed, these maps can be expected sometime this summer.

Gulotta also confirmed the rumors about DICE adding some changes on the game’s progression system, though he did not provide any concrete details. Above all of this, he gave out the official release date of the next DLC in line titled “Turning Tides,” the game’s third expansion. The community can expect this content come December, and it will be followed by the fourth DLC early next year.

Lastly, Gulotta said that “specializations,” contrary to popular belief, will not influence the time-to-kill in "Battlefield 1." It will not even have a significant impact on a player’s health, most especially when taking damage. Nonetheless, players can tailor these “specializations” in a way that their playstyle will fit.