Developer DICE is bringing a significant change to “Battlefield 1” as soon as the game’s next expansion “In the Name of the Tsar” arrives. It is expected to bring the Russian Legion and it also sees the first introduction of female characters in the history of the franchise. The studio definitely knows how to hype things up.

The forthcoming “Battlefield 1” DLC is slated to hit come September, with the promise of new features and whatnots. All in all, there will be a total of six new maps, new vehicles and at least eleven brand new weapons. Judging by the way it looks, it is going to be the most successful content the studio has ever developed for the hit shooter title.

The Women’s Battalion of Death

“In the Name of the Tsar” will be bringing the Russian army, but this time around female characters will exist. This will be the first in the franchise, hinting at DICE wanting to create something different with the latest iteration. These lady warriors are called Women’s Battalion of Death, a group formed as a propaganda symbol to raise moral awareness. It was commanded by the infamous Maria Leontievna Bochkareva, leading the group to victory and honor.

There were around 6,000 Russian female combatants during the existence of World War 1. With upcoming “Battlefield 1” expansion centering on the Russian Legion, their addition to the game just makes total sense. Apparently, though, there are some who argue with the historical accuracy of the content.

They suggest that, contrary to popular belief, there were hardly women who join the fight. Regardless, there is still no doubt that this content will make history.

A brand new game mode and Epic Operation

DICE is also set to introduce a brand new “Battlefield 1” mode called Supply Drop. However, this remains a mystery as to how exactly it is going to work in the game.

Perhaps the studio will release more details in the next few weeks or so, considering the fact that the release date of content is just around the corner.

Apart from the mode, the DLC will also bring the Brusilov Offense to "Battlefield 1." The latter is basically the game’s newest addition in the Epic Operation category. In history, the Brusilov Offense was deemed as the most tragic and bloody part of the war.

It was a necessary evil so as to help break the advancing fortress of the Austro-Hungarian army. While it proved to be successful, the casualty was of a massive magnitude, killing around one million people.