Some of the main things fans love about “#Overwatch” is the fact that they can customize their character voice lines, highlight intros, sprays, and possibly the most important factor which is Skins. While the in-game skins are rather limited, Blizzard makes up for this by releasing unique outfits for certain characters during events. These colorful costumes help breathe more life into the many heroes of the game and also give some insight to their personal lore and back stories.

One prime example was during the Uprising event wherein heroes like Reinhardt, Mercy, Genji, and Tracer received their respective operatives uniform when they were still a part of the “Overwatch” strike team.

However, these new outfits are handpicked per event and some fans have been asking Blizzard to make some skins for their favorite characters. In line with this, it seems like Reaper will finally be getting some love in the next event.

"Overwatch" Director Teases New Skins

According to PVP Live, game director Jeff Kaplan recently replied to a thread on the “Overwatch” official forums titled “Reaper Needs More Event Skins.” The original poster stated that the said character only had two event skins with the rest being specific voice lines. Kaplan took the opportunity to reply to the thread with a rather mysterious, yet blunt answer: ok.

This, coupled with the fact that some data miners discovered that Reaper will be getting some cosmetics for both the upcoming Summer Games and Event 8 implies that the hero might get some new Legendary-tier skins.

Interestingly enough, he had received a spray during last year’s Summer Games wherein he was performing a stunt while riding a bike. Reaper was not sporting his traditional long black coat and opted to wear a shirt with a hood instead.

Upcoming “Overwatch” Events

Blizzard has yet to reveal their upcoming activities as of now but data miners continue to find more information suggesting at least two more events.

The Summer Games originally debuted last year in line with the Olympics 2016 that was held in Rio de Janeiro. Fans have uncovered that Lucioball might be returning this year yet again along with the said event.

Event 8 has yet to get an official name but many are speculating that the cosmetic items might tie in with promotional content. With this in mind, it seems like the eighth event might happen around BlizzCon 2017 or so. Fans will have to wait for further news regarding any “Overwatch” events for now.