Bandai Namco previously announced their upcoming game collection entitled 'Namco Museum.' This collection will contain numerous classics from old consoles. Famous titles include 'Pac-Man,' 'Galaga,' 'Galaga '88,' 'Dig Dug,' and more. This game collection is coming for the Nintendo Switch console and invokes nostalgia for players.

Other titles are the following: 'Rolling Thunder,' 'Rolling Thunder 2,' 'SplatterHouse,' 'SkyKid,' 'Tank Force,' and 'The Tower of Druaga.' Namco recently announced that another game will join the lineup: 'Pac-Man Vs.' The notable feature that will be in the game collection would be the online ranking system.

This will ensure that players will be able to compete for their scores with each other. Otherwise, the collection is provided for previous players to reminisce the age-old yet classic games. Players can also turn the Nintendo Switch screen vertically to replicate an arcade screen, immersing themselves with this type of display.

Game Collection trailer

Along with Bandai Namco's announcement, a trailer is also released. Here is the trailer via Bandai Namco Entertainment America on YouTube:

Since the said game collection is set to be released for Nintendo Switch, two players and multiplayer options are not a problem anymore, especially for 'Pac-Man' and 'Pac-Man Vs.' In addition, the good feature about Nintendo Switch is the multiplayer option, where players can link up to four Switch consoles.

If Namco plans to add that DLC option to add more games to the lineup, the game collection has great potential indeed. Much like other games that are released today, downloadable contents are another important things that players look forward to. Aside from the aforementioned online ranking feature above, the game collection will also have a challenge mode, which makes playing more competitive and fun for all.

Other than the ones mentioned, the challenge mode will be something new for players to experience. A whole set of nostalgia begins for players who have played the games before.

Release date

'Namco Museum' game collection has no specific release date yet. Fortunately, it is set to be released on summer this year. Moreover, the same goes with the Japanese release as well and the game will launch at a 2,778 yen price point. For now, fans should wait for any announcement regarding the specific release date.