This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) became a huge event for the fans of “Ark Survival Evolved.” That is because the game was revealed to leave Steam’s Early Access program soon. This only means that, in one way or another, the title is near completion.

After almost two years of being an Early Access title, Studio Wildcard announced at the aforementioned event that “Ark Survival Evolved” will soon be launched as an official game. This is definitely a huge milestone, something that the community itself has been hoping to see one day. Finally, it is about to become true and fans will just have to wait a couple of weeks for the launch to happen.

Game’s official debut

The studio announced that come August 8th, the hit dinosaur-themed survival game will be getting its full release. This will be made available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Interestingly, the developers iterated that they also plan to introduce the game on the next-gen consoles. However, they cannot provide a definite timeline just yet. After all, this requires a certification process along with some good amount of work.

The very core of the game will remain, though Studio Wildcard promised that there will still be changes coming to the game. These changes, in particular, are not meant to overhaul the title. Rather, these will be introduced to further boost the gameplay experience of the game.

Moreover, the video game company cannot promise if the changes, if they are to arrive, will be unleashed on the very day the game gets officially released.

Up for pre-order and clarifications on breeding system

Ark Survival Evolved” is already available for pre-order, though it is currently limited to select retailers for now.

Regardless, the game is to arrive in two editions: the Standard Edition and the Collector’s Edition. Obviously, the latter has more interesting stuff to offer compared to the former. They also differ in prices, with the Standard being sold at $60 while the Collector’s is priced at $100.

As for the rumors about the breeding system of “Ark Survival Evolved” getting revamped, they are not really true.

Studio Wildcard has already shed some light, iterating that they do not intend to change it along with the official release of the game. It will stay the same, as changing or upgrading it will only disrupt the balance it promotes. For now, it is working accordingly; however, the studio promised that if they find the need to do so, they will make the decision in the long run.