In competitive-driven games like “Overwatch,” the most exciting to watch is the part where players get to subdue a team. This could also be the moment in which a player is able to win a match due to a unique setup or play. Simply put, these are highlights, the ones that let players relive one of the most defining moments in the game.

Apparently, highlights in “Overwatch” cannot be saved by players. These would first appear on the Highlights tab, but sooner or later, they get replaced or removed. As a matter of fact, the moment players exit or logout from the game, these footages will be immediately removed.

This can really be frustrating, most especially if players desire to share it with their friends or social media sites, among others.

Saving highlights will soon be possible

Fortunately, Blizzard is working on bringing a major update to the title soon. Among the changes it will bring, is a revamp of the game’s highlight system. Basically, players will soon be able to save their highlights in the game. Game director Jeff Kaplan was the one who made the announcement in a developer’s update video (embedded below) that the studio released on the title’s official YouTube channel.

It is worth noting this feature has long been requested by the “Overwatch” community. Players have always wanted to have a process that automatically saves their in-game highlights.

Apparently though, logging out of the game means losing the clips. So, as much as possible, it is best to save these footages prior to exiting the game. Kaplan also iterated that despite the new update, the game will still continue to save and select the best highlights for players.

New changes to the highlights system

Still, the highlights system in “Overwatch” will only save the top five footages.

These will continue to persist in the game for at least 24 hours. Interestingly, Blizzard added a new option in the feature called “Recently Captured.” As the name suggests, this will collect all the clips that players manually recorded within the game.

If players think that a highlight moment just happened, they can simply press the capture key and “Overwatch” will automatically bookmark that specific gameplay.

It will be saved into a 12-second clip. From there, players can go straight to the highlights menu, so they can either save or export the moments in ways they like. It should be noted, though, that the “Recently Captured” highlights will only be limited to at least 32 saved clips.