Back at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), developer Studio Wildcard revealed that “Ark Survival Evolved” will soon leave Steam’s Early Access program. This is because the game is finally going to be released as an official title come August. However, the most interesting revelation from the studio is the arrival of a new map called Ragnarok.

In its most organic form, the new “Ark Survival Evolved” map is a product of the studio’s Sponsored Mod program. The latter gives modders and players alike a chance to develop mods worthy of inclusion in the official servers.

If the company finds the mods valuable, they will give the modder rewards and make their mods as official additions to the game.

Location of hidden caves and resources

Since Ragnarok just arrived in the game, it is completely understandable that most players have yet to discover some of its gems. This basically includes the likes of hidden caves or dungeons and areas with an unlimited amount of resources. The caves, in particular, are said to hold different kinds of creatures and whatnots. They even offer passages that, in one way or another, lead to another.

In a YouTube video from H.O.D gaming (embedded below), the locations of these very caves (or, in a sense, dungeons) can be found almost anywhere in the new map.

If some offer creatures worthy of taming, others simply provide a good amount of resources that players can utilize in their journey. This is definitely something that players must discover themselves.

More about Ragnarok

Going back to the resources, some “Ark Survival Evolved” players advise that patience is a must here. That is because some locations or caves simply do not offer resources.

It is either they are dead ends or they are nothing but mere caves. Nevertheless, as long as players strive to unravel the mysteries surrounding these new areas, they should be able to find what they are looking for in the map.

It should be noted that the Ragnarok map is currently available to the PC version of “Ark Survival Evolved” only.

Nevertheless, Studio Wildcard is expected to unleash this on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime next month. Apparently, though, the video game company cannot provide a specific release date, as they are still trying to smooth things out for the consoles’ ports. As for the game's official release in August, the developers did not specify what sort of new features and/or changes are coming. Rather, they promised the community that the game will offer a much better gameplay performance as it reaches completion.