Ark Survival Evolved” is finally nearing its completion, as it is slated to leave Steam’s Early Access program come August. This is without a doubt the most interesting revelation developer Studio Wildcard did during its presentation at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). With it, there is a lot to look forward to in the hit dino-themed, survival game.

Many are now wondering if the studio plans to change the way breeding works in “Ark Survival Evolved.” Truth be told: there is completely nothing wrong with the aforesaid feature. But of course, one cannot help but think about the possibility of it getting some upgrades and/or changes.

Fortunately, the video game company has revealed their stand towards it.

Breeding system will remain the same

Apparently, Studio Wildcard has no plans of changing the breeding feature in the game. The company’s very own Co-Founder and Co-Creative Director named Jesse Rapczak confirmed this in an interview with WCCFTech He iterated that, in one way or another, it is deemed to be a hardcore feature in the title. So far, it is doing just fine, giving players the functionality it's supposed to provide.

In its most organic form, breeding brings a lot of interesting things in “Ark Survival Evolved.” For instance, it allows mutilation to happen so as to tailor the stats of creatures according to what the players want.

It is also meant to make a dino powerful, completely different from its original state. Rapczak said that they do not want to interfere with the way the feature works and that they do not intend to upset the balance by changing it.

Why the feature is developed in such a way

There are “Ark Survival Evolved” players who wonder why Studio Wildcard has somehow made it difficult for them to acquire the perfect dino out of breeding.

Perhaps, they can at least resort to achieving a creature that has remarkable stats. Rapczak explained that doing so will only make things worse in the game. If the process becomes way too easy, it just throws off the balance. It will even affect the game’s server, PVP and everything they introduced.

Nonetheless, Rapczak claimed that getting a perfect dino out of breeding in “Ark Survival Evolved” is possible.

It just barely happens, though. If a player does not get one, he can always resort to looking for a player who has. From there, they can agree to a trade. The executive said that this, in particular, is the role of players.