Just a couple of days ago, developer Studio Wildcard promised an upcoming “Ark Survival Evolved” update on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Now, the studio has just confirmed that it will go live within today. This is definitely an interesting patch for console owners.

The community managers and developers of "Ark Survival Evolved" revealed that a major patch will arrive to both Sony and Microsoft’s consoles. Apparently though, it is still undergoing certification process from the tech giants; hence no exact time can be unveiled. Nevertheless, the studio iterated that it should arrive no later than this evening US time.

Latest console update in a nutshell

The deployment of a new patch to the game means the arrival of an exciting content to the console version. It is believed to introduce a good amount of game-changing items and whatnots, all deemed necessary for better gameplay experience. For instance, a brand new vehicle will be added, though it means that the Alpha Tribes will have to conduct necessary upgrades on their respective navies.

Why exactly the upgrade? Well, that is because the developers of “Ark Survival Evolved” plans to introduce a gas-fuelled motorboat. Although nothing specific has been revealed, it is said to be a lot faster than the current and regular raft. This should make water transportation a lot more exciting and fun than what it is today.

It should be noted, though, that while they look the same in terms of appearance, they differ hugely when it comes to power and efficiency.

ATV vehicle, new creatures and more

Apart from the aforementioned water vehicle, an ATV vehicle is also coming via the next update on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It can be used for either single-player or custom servers, something that should stir the interest of many players.

Add to these an inclusion of a harpoon gun, though details about it are still scarce. Moreover, there will be an interactive toilet and a so-called refreshing buff, which can help them in gaining experience boost.

The forthcoming “Ark Survival Evolved” update is also confirmed to introduce a total of 100 new creatures. These will arrive in the base game and it does not include the bosses or any specialized variants of monsters. Reports point out that there are five new animals considered hazardous, one being a T-Rex that can efficiently call wild Carnotaurus in times of help. How exactly? Well, that is by way of roaring.