Developer Studio Wildcard dropped a huge surprise at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo when they announced that “Ark Survival Evolved” will be leaving Steam’s Early Access program. This basically means that the highly celebrated survival game is finally nearing its completion. Interestingly, the title is showing great performance thanks to the power of Microsoft’s Xbox One X.

One of the most talked about topics these days is the battle between the aforementioned console and Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro. Gamers and fans alike have always wondered which has the total dominance over the other.

While this continues to be a never-ending debate, Microsoft’s hardware is somehow showing a promising potential when running “Ark Survival Evolved.”

A battle of fps with 'Ark Survival Evolved'

The developers of the game are actually the first one to show how games can be better when ran on the latest iteration of Xbox console compared to the Pro. The game’s very own director Jesse Rapczak iterated that for the brand new console, they plan to target 60 fps when most would go for 30. He went to say that, for most of the time, PlayStation 4 Pro just offers 30 fps at 1080p; unlike Xbox One X, the figure is doubled at the same resolution.

Based on what the “Ark Survival Evolved” developer said, there is clearly a huge difference in the competition now.

In fact, based on the observations they acquired, Studio Wildcard is looking to aim at a higher fps to surpass the 60 fps-mark. As of this writing, however, these all remains a subtle goal. But who knows? The studio might just be able to deliver such quality, which should give the game a huge boost in terms of performance and, of course, popularity.

Frame rate vs. resolution

Obviously, any gamer would agree that frame rate should always be a better quality than the resolution. Nevertheless, the discovery the video game company had comes as a surprise. Why? That is because frame rate advantage is just way too noticeable compared to the actual resolution. The former is even more significant, as it makes the controls and input lag, among others, become optimal.

Interestingly, the human eye is only capable of distinguishing the difference in the speed of motion because it is human nature. It is already part of humankind’s DNA. While it is true that humans can only interpret at least 1000 frames per second, a person can still interpret up to 50 fps provided he is focused and the concentration is solid. Either way, this definitely is good news to every fan of “Ark Survival Evolved,” most especially to those who plan to purchase Microsoft’s Xbox One X.