The fans of the phenomenal game, “The Sims 4” will be happy to know that the developers recently updated the game’s story. New reports claimed that the game will now feature parenthood in the story.

According to new reports, the gamers of “The Sims 4” will be able to test their parenting skills as they continue playing the hit game. A new Sims 4 patch has been released which focus mainly on its new parenthood pack. Its major change is the game’s push for reality. It aims the game to be a direct reflection of a parent’s day to day life that includes good parenting and kid’s normal reaction to fun and alarming situations.

‘The Sims 4’ parenthood patches

The patch fixed an issue causing toddlers to mimic a nearby adult’s emotions. Since adults are unpredictable, chances are even their flirty side is also being copied. This patch will prevent it, especially babies hitting on adults. Another thing is this patch stops the possibility of children receiving inappropriate messages from adults and babies changing color when being picked up.

There are also some fixes for adult sims; they will no longer get a wishful thinking of getting remarried if they are already are. The popular marriage love guru from the romance festival no longer remains immortal. Fans are claiming why all of these patches just came out now when these should be present at initial release.

But just like any other game, nothing is perfect.

‘The Sims 4’ latest updates

Aside from the patches, on May 25 Electronic Arts revealed new updates on the parenthood pack. Based on its official trailer posted on YouTube, new objects were teased within it including objects that are useful to a child’s educational and character building, as well as kitchen and living room essentials.

School projects were also teased like building a rocket, volcano and an option to build a robot.

Chance cards are also included with this update. These cards are character values earned by positive parenting. So whether you do your task or not as a good parent, these cards always have something to offer whether positive nor negative.

And lastly, just like any other parent taming a stubborn kid, grounding options is now made available. Options include no TV, computer, phone, music, games, leaving the house or hanging out with friends for one whole day.

There is no doubt that the gamers of “The Sims 4” will surely enjoy the latest updates and patch of the game.