Up until now, the usual types of chocolate have been dark, milk, and white. Scientists have just released the first new Chocolate in 80 years, and it is nothing like the previous three kinds. The new color is pink, but the chocolate is called ruby. It was revealed at a special launch event in Shanghai, China on Tuesday, September 5, 2017. The good news about the new product is that it is made with natural ingredients without any additives whatsoever.

The new product

Even though the new creation is pink, the makers say not to call it pink. They want consumers to refer to is as ruby because it is named after the ruby cocoa bean.

The color is different from the colors consumers are used to seeing, but what about the taste? No doubt it is pretty to look at, but is the taste similar to the dark, milk, or white chocolate that consumers are already familiar with?

The makers of ruby chocolate say it has a unique taste that is smooth and fruity. It is all-natural without any berries, berry flavoring, or color added. There are no artificial ingredients. The taste is neither bitter, milky, or sweet, according to the Swiss company's news release. Nestle launched white chocolate in the 1930s. That was the last type before ruby was made, which is more authentic.

Ruby cocoa beans

A spokesperson for the company stated that the ruby beans are not found everywhere.

They grow in countries such as Brazil, Ecuador, and the Ivory Coast. Even so, the right ruby bean must be chosen carefully. Then, there is a unique procedure to get the beans ready.

The item is produced by Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer of chocolate and cocoa products. The company, based in Zurich, is a $6.8 billion business.

The company is working toward making the new ruby chocolate available to manufacturers around the world. As of now, ruby is not available in the United States.

The new product may help the chocolate industry because Hershey has cut back on its staff by 15 percent, and Nestle is trying to sell its U.S. business. It would be ideal if ruby chocolate was on shelves globally by Valentine’s Day.

Have you heard about ruby chocolate? Is it something you think you would like? Most people say they would try it, but it might be a taste they will have to get used to. After indulging in the other three kinds over the years, it will probably be strange to bite into a piece that tastes fruity. However, it would be worth a try.