*Cue thunderous applause around the country...*

It's finally here! After the huge recent increase in demand for Queso to be sold at Chipotle, it's actually happening. After getting customer feedback and trying out queso recipes at Chipotle's test kitchen, the Mexican chain is finally ready to unveil their newest menu item to the public- and we couldn't be any happier.

Chipotle's newest menu item in years.

Following the addition of chorizo to the Chipotle menu, which was added back in 2016, queso is the newest item available for customers to buy. A test kitchen in Manhattan was opened to the public in order for Chipotle to start rolling out new ideas for menu items and receive feedback from customers.

Different recipes were experimented with until it became perfect enough to officially add to the menu. Chipotle is releasing queso nationwide starting on September 12, so in just a few days, customers all over the US can finally add queso to their chips and salsa, put it in their burritos and on top of their bowls. In fact, in certain locations right now, queso is already available- so if you live in one of the eight states listed on Chipotle's website, you can get a head start and try it out now! Prices aren't yet available for every state, especially because queso hasn't been released everywhere yet, but looking at the Chipotle website, a side of queso is advertised at around $2, and adding it to a burrito or bowl is around $1.25.

The recipe tested to perfection.

Chipotle is a company that prides itself on making clean, nutritional food for the public. They use healthy ingredients with no added preservatives or colors, cooking everything directly in the kitchens at each location, and are a GMO-free company. The CEO of the company, Steve Ells, wanted to make the recipe exceptional before allowing it to be sold to the public, and that meant the recipe needed to follow the company's standards.

Chipotle's website highlights the ingredients used in their queso recipe (there are 23 of them) and even more nutrition facts can be found on their website as well. With Chipotle being a Mexican restaurant chain, and with their competing companies all serving queso on the menu, it was inevitable that Chipotle would end up following suit.

It took a little longer than we would have hoped (since we've been waiting for this moment for what seems like forever), but getting a product that meets the company's nutritional standards, along with meeting our customer demands, is pretty well worth the wait.