World famous pizza chain Pizza Hut has recently built and toppled a world record-breaking number of dominoes as part of their recent Rewards Program. The restaurant is also giving away Free pan pizzas - enough for a lifetime of consumption, as fans participate in a very exciting competition.

Pizza Hut’s official YouTube page posted a video of the record-breaking attempt to set up domino pieces, and topple them in a single round. The whole domino effect comprised several pieces that built images of giant pizza ingredients, huge pan pizzas, and text that celebrated their Hut Rewards Program.

The restaurant took two days to set up the domino pieces, laid throughout the entire floor of what appeared to be a full stadium, the video showed. They hired 14 builders to make the record-breaking domino line that was topped to reveal surprises.

Pizza Hut is challenging their fans to make a guess at the total number of dominoes that fell down in the video. Those who are able to guess the number right will earn free pizza, that could be good for a lifetime.

The Hut Rewards Program

Delish explained what the new program is all about. “Hut Rewards” is a system where customers can earn points with every purchase that they make. The program allows them to redeem free pizza pies when they are able to earn the required number of points.

Each dollar spent is equivalent to two points. When a loyal customer gets 200 points, which means that he or she has spent a total of $100, they can order a medium-size pizza of their choice and it is available for delivery. Loyalty account members also get access to more promos, such as birthday freebies.

Jeff Fox, the chief brand and concept officer of Pizza Hut told Delish that the restaurant thought of creating this program that rewards each dollar spent on the boxes.

He described it as an unlimited points program with a tagline that read, “No One Out-Pizzas the Hut.”

The rewards program started on August 1. To celebrate the offer, purchases that are made from August 10 through to October 1, will receive double points, which means that a customer only needs to spend $50 to get the rewards.

How to win

There are two simple steps to win the free pizza contest. First, interested participants should join the rewards program. Then, they can begin guessing at the number of dominoes knocked down and send their entries via email.

The contest is open only until August 31, at 11:59 PM CT. If two people are able to guess the number correctly, the first person who submitted the correct entry will win.