Churros are served with nitrogen ice cream in a famous dessert restaurant in California. Their dessert fusion is called Ice Cream churro bowls, and are handcrafted in various flavors such as ube and strawberry.

Nitrolado, an ice cream store located in Garden Grove in the Southwestern state, has been serving their nitrogen-based desserts with churros for quite some time now. Customized in various flavors, the churro bowl is made by molding them inside cupcake containers. Then, they are deep fried into a pot of hot oil, Food Beast reported.

According to the restaurant’s official page, the most famous flavor is the ube churro bowl.

The flavor is created through coating the deep-fried churros with ube-flavored sugar. As they cool down, the churro bowl is placed over the ice cream and functions as a cup as well.

Customer reviews

Customers are impressed by the dessert’s unique flavor and delicious taste. Carolina Pagsisihan even came all the way from Chicago just to try the ube churro bowl. She wrote a review on the Nitrolado official Facebook page, saying that the food was “so good and unique.”

Rachel Wieck-Nutt meanwhile praised the store for having friendly staff. She wrote, “Great experience! The ice cream was amazing!” Customer Jay Shin also liked the flavors and highly recommended them.

“Yummy fresh ice cream! Best service ever.

Durian avocado is the best there,” Loc Nguyen also wrote in the review. Nitrolado is located along Westminster Avenue in Garden Grove, and they open to serve their customers at 1 p.m. and close late at night.

Other flavors available

The churro bowl is just one of the many food choices in the dessert shop. The restaurant offers 25 various flavors of its liquid nitrogen gelato, such as Thai iced tea, honey jasmine, avocado, durian, bacon taco, caramel, banana, and tiramisu, Refinery29 reported.

Liquid Nitrogen Ice creams have become famous because of the unique way they are served. The ice cream is served through a smoking nitrogen element that servers usually pour in the cup, just as the customer sees them.

For Nitrolado’s special churro bowls, the shop allows patrons to customize the dessert. They can add more toppings, such as breakfast cereal flakes, rice crispies, and candy sprinkles.

The store does not have an official website yet, but interested customers may view their Facebook page and social media pages for a glimpse of their sumptuous desserts.