Move over Italy – you might be the country where Pizza originated, but you cannot beat California when it comes to the length chefs with go to when baking the perfect pie. A bunch of pizza makers in Fontana, Calif. just made the world’s longest pizza, officially grabbing the Guinness World Record from Italy.

Over a mile of cheesy, sauce-endowed pizza at Auto Club Speedway

At 6,333 feet (or 2.13 km), the pizza was created in Fontana, Calif. by dozens of chefs and their willing helpers at the Auto Club Speedway of California. This beat out Italy’s Guinness World Record of last year, which measured 6,082 ft 3.40 in (just under 2 km), baked at the Napoli Pizza Village in Naples on May 18, 2016.

Representatives from Guinness World Records were on hand to certify the lengthy tasty treat as the new World’s Longest Pizza.

100 pizza makers team up to achieve Guinness World Record

According to a report by NBC Bay Area, 100 pizza makers were on hand to make the incredibly long pie. SkyNews reports that the crust baking and sauce-producing crew was aided by, Italfomi USA Ovens, and other interested partners. NBC reports that work was performed under the watchful eye of a World Champion pizza maker, Tony Gemignani.

Huge amounts of ingredients required for World’s Longest Pizza

It was reported that around 8,000 pounds of pizza dough were used along with 5,600 pounds of sauce and 3,600 pounds of tasty, melt-in-your-mouth cheese.

According to a report by Economic Times, the pizza was set, in all its lengthy glory, on one of the largest scaffolding units ever produced and the final product weighed in at an impressive 7,808 kg (approximately 17,214 pounds).

The professional and hardworking chefs used three industrial pizza ovens to achieve their feat, working non-stop for eight hours.

Reportedly the pizza ovens needed to be moved every 17 minutes by volunteers in order to cook the entire length of the record-breaking pie.

All proceeds of the World’s Longest Pizza donated to the homeless and food banks

The event was free to attend and organizers dubbed it a “reason to celebrate humanity and friendship." Pizza lovers at the event weren’t allowed to tuck into the completed pizza, as it was set to be donated to homeless shelters and food banks in the area, along with any other proceeds from the event. For those spectators who were overcome by world record hunger pangs while watching as the humongous pie was prepared and cooked, food trucks were fortunately on hand.