Businesswoman, fashion designer and model Victoria Beckham has reportedly been labeled by a pizza ad as an “anorexic fashion icon.”

According to People, the fashion model has discovered that a pizza chain advertisement has depicted her in an unpleasant way. The pizza advertisement was released by a restaurant named Sidhu Golden Fish And Chips in Tyneside, England.

The visual ad depicted Beckham through a very thin stick figure and caricature that showed her with ribs protruding from her body. The Beckham caricature even included her wearing a sash that stated, “Anorexic Fashion Icon.”

The promotional advertisement is reportedly displayed over the restaurant’s many delivery vans.

People reported that the pizza chain used her name to promote a special kind of thin crust pizza called “Victoria Beckham Thin Crust.” The pizza chain described their menu offering as only two millimeters thin.

Lawsuit being contemplated

The fashion model is also reportedly contemplating of filing a case against the Sidhu Golden Fish and Chips management after learning about how the ad negatively depicted her.

Beckham reportedly fought against critics who slammed her body figure and weight in the past. People recalled past stories that shared her statements about her health.

There was one statement in the past saying that there is a difference between a person with an eating disorder and someone who is dictated by the food items they eat.

Back in 2015, People noted how Beckham even defended runway models saying, “They are young and they may be thin, but that does not mean that they are ill.”

Trivializing anorexia

Anorexia is technically an eating disorder. The fashion icon’s spokesperson said in the report that it is inappropriate to trivialize such disorders.

“It is highly inappropriate to depict such a disorder that way, and defamatory to be so thoughtless with a person’s reputation being damaged, that is why we are seeking legal counsel,” the spokesperson said in the article.

Soni Sidhu, the restaurant manager also spoke on the matter clarifying that the advertisement is offered as a fun way to make their customers smile and take them away from the stresses of daily life.

Sidhu told People that he recognizes such eating disorders and their management never shed light on the severity of the eating disorder, or on depicting people with such conditions.

However, the restaurant was reportedly strong about not removing the ad, saying that they have the freedom to express their thoughts.