Drinking Coffee has become a habit in many countries of the world. No doubt that coffee gives us the energy and the right charge to face the day in the best of ways. However, coffee also has many benefits for the body besides just being a drink. There has been increased and extended research in the last few years that have highlighted the beneficial properties of the most popular beverage.

3 Coffee cups decrease death risk by 18%

In particular, according to a study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, drinking a cup of coffee a day would be able to decline the risk of death by 12%.

However, those who drink three cups of this drink a day would have a decrease in mortality risk by 18%. The researchers examined a sample of 215,000 adults aged 45 to 75 years.

Researchers found that Antioxidants and Phenolic compounds are the outcomes of drinking coffee that play a significant role in the prevention of cancer pathologies.

Cardiovascular and digestive problems

Another study has also confirmed the benefits of this healthy drink for the human body. In this research, Professor Elio Riboli directed the study, who heads the School of Public Health at the Imperial College in London. The study found that coffee consumption reduces the risk of death for cardiovascular or digestive problems.

However, Researchers will call for their concerns, as further studies will be needed to confirm the results of these researches. Average coffee consumption, up to three cups a day, could have a beneficial effect on health. However, let's look at the properties this drink.

Coffee: health properties

The coffee is rich in antioxidants that are essential to counter aging.

Also, antioxidant contained in this drink would be absorbed more by the body than those in fruit and vegetables. Coffee also helps the liver, especially if you are consuming a lot of alcoholic beverages.

Coffee also reduces the risk of developing a skin cancer, but this benefit only affects women. It is also beneficial for those who practice a sport of stamina since some research has shown that caffeine helps to burn fat reserves.

Finally, other studies have shown that this drink reduces the risk of Alzheimer's.

Coffee making smartphones?

From now on, the smartphone will also make coffee. The first cover comes in to turn your mobile phone into a pocket drink machine. The Mokase is a smartphone case that hides a small storage compartment for a mini-waffle. Warming up coffee will be possible thanks to the use of the phone battery. On one of the ends of the cover, there is a tube, from which a maximum of 25 ml of real drink will leak.

Nice idea, but is it useful? Although the concept of Smart K is beautiful, we doubt we need such a product.