Everyone else outside of Japan collectively decided the country is the root of all things unique. There are a lot of things about Japan that can’t be explained – it’s steeped in one-of-a-kind traditions and ancient practices that have somehow translated to modern day. And so it is without a doubt a fact that to fall in love with it isn’t to understand it – we’ve learned to appreciate Japan for the many eccentric things it has given the world, subtitled or not.

Added to its list of curiosities is the new pikachu McFlurry, a chocolate-covered, banana-flavored treat that goes on sale July 14 in all of McDonald’s in Japan.

The Japanese Twitter account for the fast-food chain went on a campaign last week and asked folks which of the six Pokémon-inspired flavors is worth trying. True to its tradition of distinctiveness, the other flavors were quite … well, interesting.

McDonald’s Japan goes with the next Pokémon movie hype

The Twitter campaign was held just in time for the new Pokémon movie titled “Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!” hitting Japan on July 15. It’s McDonald’s way of commemorating the event and so far it has proven quite successful considering the number of retweets each flavor has garnered.

McDonald’s posted six different flavors of McFlurry – all inspired by Pokémon. The mechanics is quite simple: you simply retweet the flavor of your choice, and if that flavor wins, you get to have a discount when you buy it.

Pikachu wins

It isn’t surprising, as Pikachu had been the face of Pokémon for decades now. What was interesting is that fans had to guess the flavors earlier based on the accompanying photos, which you can view below, starting with the winner.

Choco-banana Pikachu

Habanero Charmander

White peach Jigglypuff

Ramune soda Squirtle

Broccoli Bulbasaur

Sweet potato Gengar

The winner, Pikachu McFlurry, comes in different packaging, too, which shows the yellow cutie’s various emotions.

It’s unclear whether you get to pick the emotion of your choice or if you randomly get one. But it’s worth noting that choco-banana Pikachu is the only McFlurry flavor that remotely resembles an actual ice cream flavor. The rest are somethings you won’t dare catch. Nonetheless, it’s great news for everyone in Japan, at least to those keen on Pokémon.

The Pikachu McFlurry is a limited time offering, so if you’re in Japan, you've got to get one. There isn’t a Western release date for “Pokémon: I Choose You!” yet, but Pokémon movies usually arrive in December. Hopefully, we’ll get to have the choco-banana Pikachu, too.