Most of the time when people are asked, "How do you like your coffee?" the answer is usually, "Black." Two brothers from Slovakia are giving you another choice. They have come up with the first colorless coffee drink to protect your teeth from stains while still giving you the same flavor of your regular cup of black coffee.


The first Colorless coffee is actual a drink that comes in a bottle and looks like a bottle of water. It is called CLR CFF and is cold instead of hot. If you want your morning Joe hot from a cup, you can pour the cold colorless liquid into a cup and heat it to your desired temperature.

The brothers developed the colorless beverage to keep drinkers from having stained teeth. The Slovakian brothers are coffee drinkers themselves. Because they were tired of having stained teeth, they thought other drinkers had that same concern. Therefore, David Nagy with his brother Adam decided to come up with the colorless coffee.

The colorless beverage

The Nagy brothers say their product is safe to drink. It is made with Arabica beans. It contains no chemicals or sweeteners. According to the label, the 200ml bottle has 100mg of caffeine. That is the same as a regular Cup Of Coffee.

If you are wondering how it tastes, know that it might take a lot of getting used to. Those who have tried it say the taste is different, but it is not unpleasant.

They conclude that it is very drinkable. One taster said it has the aftertaste of a cheap wine. Because of that taste, owners are trying it out at their bars.

The colorless coffee is sold in London at Whole Foods and other retailers. However, you do not have to travel to London to get it. You can order it online. Two 200ml bottles cost $7.50.

Each serving is only four calories. You save money because you do not need to add cream or sugar to the beverage that is ready to drink. If you decide to order online, expect for the delivery to take up to four weeks because of the overwhelming number of orders. It seems like lots of people wants to try this new product.


Most coffee drinkers are satisfied with what they are already drinking and are not willing to try the drink with no vowels in its name. They say the name, CLR CFF, looks like a formula and might also taste like something from a chemistry lab. Others are not so quick to give an opinion without trying the beverage. They said they would be willing to try it. How about you? Would you try CLR CFF?