Sophia Hadjipanteli is a model with a message. Her avenue for spreading body positivity has evoked strong reactions on social media. Trolls have conveyed contempt for her unibrow by penning death threats, according to Greek City Times. The Cyprian model has a highly visible and outspoken supporter now in her corner: Piers Morgan.

Online haters troll model’s social media with threats over unibrow

Hadjipanteli appeared on “Good Morning Britain” on March 12. She told hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid that she is the target of "a lot of death threats,” Honey (9News Australia) reported.

More striking than her unibrow, which is the object of the point Hadjipanteli strives to make about beauty, is that online haters have reached such a low that they threaten a woman whose entire aim is to use her body part to convey inspiration while encouraging people to embrace uniqueness.

Eyebrows challenge beliefs about beauty

That Hadjipanteli is receiving death threats certainly lends credence to the basis of the body positivity movement she founded.

Her unibrow is the billboard, challenging people’s perceptions and beliefs about beauty, Fox News noted.

The model, who is 22 and a university student living in Maryland, was on-set of “Good Morning Britain” when she told the program hosts that the threats are actually an outgrowth of people conditioned to believe that brows, such as hers, are “unacceptable.

” In fact, it's to the depth that it “infuriates” them to the level that they make death threats.

Healthy brows reflect respect for family, culture

In an age when people are discouraged from shaming or slamming women for their weight, their parenting styles, and lifestyle choices, how loathsome it is that people still find it okay to attach a woman over her eyebrows, which embody much more than a message about acceptance Hadjipanteli spreads.

Her unibrow also represents pride felt for her family and her culture. Hadjipanteli is a Greek American, born and raised in Cyprus. She lives in the United States, where she is a marketing major attending the University of Maryland. She attributes her healthy brows to her genetics.

Though her hair is naturally blonde, the darkness of her unibrow is something she attributes to an accident that occurred after she watched a YouTube video and tried tinting in 2014, according to the New Zealand Herald. Her brows came out much darker than she had hoped but her brother complimented her appearance, saying the look suited her. She took her brother’s assessment to heart, adopting the look.

Piers Morgan finds model’s brows hot

Piers Morgan offered Hadjipanteli a suggestion on Twitter on March 12. He tweeted, “Monobrow!!! Ignore the critics.” Morgan also remarked that he thinks her “eyebrows lookhot. Critics did not hold back in relaying their dislike for her unibrow – even on his account.

Despite mean-spirited comments by haters on social media, there are also people who applaud the model. Twitter user @izzy_janes posted, “An inspirational young woman being brave enough to be herself.” Another user, Barry Chambers, wrote, “I think she looks lovely.

I'll bet she has a great personality too.”

Some of her haters could also be jealous – that the model has attracted over 300,000 Instagram followers. She also worked for top-notch brands such as Rhianna’s Fenty Beauty and Chanel. She even walked the runway with Bella Hadid.

British TV host assures Hadjipanteli is a ‘beautiful woman’

Along with her self-acceptance, Hadjipanteli has the support and love of her boyfriend, who “had a unibrow when he was little,” The Sun (UK) reported.

She was actually on a trip to London visiting her British beau when she appeared on television with Morgan and Reid. " Her boyfriend is a fan of the brows.”

“Disgusting,” is how host Piers Morgan defined the fact that people threaten the model because of her eyebrows. The Sun also noted that Susanna Reid described the model as a “beautiful woman.”

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