Sophia Hadjipanteli, who was born in Cyprus, is proud of her genetics. Her prominent eyebrows, which shape a unibrow, garner a great deal of attention on social media. Hadjipanteli, a model, has a handle on her unique look, preferring to embrace her Cyprian roots, despite criticism and snarky comments people make.

Marketing student’s unibrow reflects ‘pride for her culture’

Hadjipanteli, who is 22 and a marketing student at the University of Maryland, has attracted 286,000 Instagram followers. She lives in the United States, after being raised in Cyprus, Fox News reported.

Her unibrow is a nod to “pride for her culture.”

Fostering unity and acceptance are goals

Not only does the model and sunglass designer have her take on beauty fully intact, but she also has an abundance of self-confidence to match. Her aim is not to persuade other people to jump on the “unibrow bandwagon,” as she put it, but to foster unity and acceptance toward people and their preferences, Glamour Magazine pointed out.

The model shares body positive message

Hadjipanteli has received more than her fair share of hateful comments left on social media. Her life, however, moves forward as she endeavors to share a body positive message, Inked Magazine relayed. She has also modeled for “top tier photographers” and beauty brands as a result of her appearance.

Eyebrows evoke strong reactions on social media

She characterizes herself “like everyone else manifesting my own lane and riding my own wave,” Dazed Magazine reported. In addition to evoking strong reactions from haters and supporters alike, Dazed includes Hadjipanteli in the niche of people “redefining the way we think about beauty.” Her unique appearance was not planned, however.

Accidental brow tinting led to pronounced brows

The natural blonde accidentally dyed her eyebrows black as she tried to tint them after watching a how-to video on YouTube, Inked and Harper’s Bazaar reported.

After her brother told Hadjipanteli that “the look” suited her, she began dying her brows when blonde hair “shows,” according to the Daily Mail (UK). “'I never expected my eyebrows - and just growing out and not touching them - to have this much of an impact on people,” she stated.

She credits her genetics and her mother for her eyebrows, stating that she comes from a family with “nice eyebrows,” Harper’s also noted. The effect is that Hadjipanteli’s thick brows do not lead her to feel self-conscious.

No immediate plans to manicure brows

Though she takes a lot of heat from trolls on social media for her polarizing appearance, she stated, “If I like this, just let me like this,” Harper’s reported.

She has no target date for tweezing her brows to appease other people or to conform with social norms. “Until people start to accept others for this specific feature on their face,” she told the Daily Mail, “I don't feel ready to move on from it.”

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