5 popular wild African animal videos on YouTube from the past year

5 Top animal videos on YouTube - Image credit - CCO | Pixabay
5 Top animal videos on YouTube - Image credit - CCO | Pixabay

Tiny mongoose takes on a huge poisonous snake, lions go swimming, an elephant stampede, and other popular animal videos trend on social media.

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Mongoose robs a three-meter black mamba

This video shows a small mongoose rob a huge three-meter mamba of its meal. The snake is extremely poisonous and will kill an adult human very quickly. Watch the guide explain what's going on in this video. Nearly three million people viewed it.


Lion sneaks up on lioness, gets rejected

This male lion in Kruger national Park sneaks ever so carefully up to a lioness lying next to the road. Her reaction was abrupt and put him in his place.


A lion family spends a bay at the beach

This video's on its way to trending with over 55k views in a matter of hours. Lions don't usually like to enter water. But here, we see the family lying down in the water, splashing around and having fun.

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