5 key takeaways from the Chicago Cubs final Spring Training game

The Cubs finished Spring Training strong [Image via Ron Cogswell/Flikr]
The Cubs finished Spring Training strong [Image via Ron Cogswell/Flikr]

The Cubs went out winners and had another offensive explosion on Tuesday night.

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Zagunis makes his final case

Mark Zagunis had one hell of a spring. On Tuesday night, he went 2-for-3 with a triple and two RBI. He finished the spring hitting .370 and that performance has landed him on the opening day roster.


Almora's final tuneup

Almora is the other outfielder that had a fine spring in a preseason where he wanted to prove he could be the every day starter. Hitting right handers has always been his issue, but skipper Joe Maddon has said the centerfielder has made the adjustments necessary to get a shot at starting every day.


Descalso concludes awful spring

No, Spring Training stats don't mean anything. Still, one of the newest Cubs had just a horrendous first Spring Training with the club. After going 0-for-2 on Tuesday night, Daniel Descalso finished the preseason hitting .105. That's hardly a way to introduce yourself to a fan base that isn't exactly excited you were the "big" free agent signing of the offseason.

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