France: Images & video in from Paris showing the Yellow Vest protests

For the fourth weekend in a row, riot police clash with protesters over austerity government.

France protests continue as more people join the Yellow Vests in protest against President Macron's austerity government. The fuel hikes that sparked the riots were repealed, but the protests continue. Some unrest also spread to neighboring Belgium and the Netherlands. Anger is focussing on the EU. Many places of interest are closed to tourists and Travel plans may be disrupted. Here are some recent images and videos from Europe.


Arrests on the streets of Paris

So far, four people have died, including a student. Police opened fire with tear-gas again this Saturday. Hundreds of people are being arrested.


People arrested before reaching Paris

Many people were reporting that they saw other protesters being turned back at railways and other public transport. Police are trying to stop people getting into the city to swell the crowds.


Police scuffle with Gilets Jaunes protesters near Champs Elysées, Paris

Police got into physical scuffles with Gilets Jaunes who are protesting taxes. The unrest has crossed the left and right political spectrums. Feelings in France are running high against the wealthy, who are accused of laughing at the struggles of the masses.


Some new demands include stopping the migrant influx

France is protesting against much of the EU policy, including the influx of migrants. As this tweet shows, the UK were the ones leaving the EU, but you wouldn't know it from these images.


Some protesters are calling for a Frexit

A tweet by journalist @SanamF24 noted that some of the demands inlcude a Frexit, the French equivalent of Brext in the UK. Among other demands they want to pull out of NATO. The protests spread to Begium this weekend.

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