Farrah Abraham and her parents claimed that the reality star tossed in the towel before stepping into the ring for a boxing match with Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander because promoter Damon Feldman breached her contract. The event was set to happen in Atlantic City on November 10, but Abraham quit.

The former “Teen Mom” star, who moved over to MTV’s “Ex on the Beach,” alleged that Feldman did not hold up his end of their deal. Her mother and father told the media the same story. At least they were consistent. But fight promoter Feldman has told media that the adult entertainment worker backed away from the fight with Alexander because Abraham was not guaranteed a win.

Promoter refused fight fix

Feldman refused to fix the fight, according to the Daily Mail and Starcasm. He told the publication that he is following through with his earlier assurance that he would sue her. He contends that Abraham “slandered” his name with her “lies.” He stated that the ex “Teen Mom” star “took everybody’s money” and then she pulled out of fighting.

Alexander fought for cause Abraham cares about

The boxing match between the two women was for a good cause, one that Abraham claims to feel passionate about helping.

The fight was set up to bring awareness to anti-bullying. In actuality, Alexander achieved the goal that was set by going through with the fight that “Mob Wives” star Drita D’Avanzo refereed. Natalie DiDonato, another “Mob Wives” star, stepped into the ring with Alexander on November 10. See, Abraham, anti-bullying did not need you to draw attention to the cause you bailed on advancing.

Contenders fought for anti-bullying

Before the fight, and as word spread that Abraham was a quitter, Alexander stated that she was in the fight for the cause, not because of Abraham. Alexander honored her word and her contract, plus won the match. Still, props go to DiDonato for stepping into the ring and helping a worthwhile cause.

‘Mob Wives’ star-referee was also blamed

Abraham and her parents stated that Feldman reneged on providing ample travel and hotel accommodations for her family. Her father even expressed that D’Avanzo was the reason that daughter, Farrah, ran away from the boxing match.

Okay, so D’Avanzo had stated in the past that she wanted to give Abraham a slap-down, but she calmed down. She pretty much did as DiDonato did for the fight. She stepped in after Ray J pulled out over money issues. D’Avanzo offered her assurance that she would not hurt Abraham and that she would judge the fight fairly. She was brought on-board as the referee.

Reality star tossed in the towel

A month later, word came out that Abraham was accused of quitting because she could not secure a win for herself.

The Daily Mail reported that her attorney gave Feldman a different contract, only days before the Atlantic City fight. Within the contract, there was a clause stating that Abraham was to win the fight. If she did not prevail in the ring, then Feldman would have breached the contract. What? Why did she agree in the first place to a boxing match if she wanted it fixed to go her way?

Promoter ready to call off suit if star fights

Feldman is willing to work with Abraham and to drop his plan to sue her, but only if she squares off in a boxing ring with MTV “Teen Mom 2” star, Kailyn Lowry.

In the past, and not long after it was made public that Abraham would be in the ring with Alexander, Lowry stated that she would very much like to get into a boxing ring with Abraham. Abraham has not indicated whether she will take Feldman up on the offer.

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