TLC reality star Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth has probably seen a great deal of the criticism directed at her and, presumably, at her sisters and additional family members. There is a limit to everything and it appears that a social media troll crossed the line. It’s not as if plenty of trolls haven’t, but all it took was one to go too far for Joy-Anna to take note and clap back.

TLC star’s fans find updates special

While, occasionally, Joy-Anna posts photos of her husband, Austin, and their son Gideon, she does not use social networking platforms as frequently as do her sisters Jinger Duggar Vuolo and Jill Duggar Dillard.

For Joy-Anna to share, it makes it all the more special for her actual fans and social media users who follow her account because they are interested in the periodic updates, not in lurking for the opportunity to attack.

Troll goes too far after Thanksgiving post

After sharing a photo from a Thanksgiving visit that TLC star Austin, and little Gideon, made to San Antonio, a troll slithered onto social media. The reality star captioned her photo, “Love my family!” Café Mom described the picture as “adorable.”

For a troll, though, nothing seems to be off-limits. The person penned a mean-spirited message, making it personal by suggesting that Austin is domineering and “controlling” his wife, according to Celebrity Insider.

“Somehow I don’t feel like you do love your over-controlling and over-bearing husband,” according to the person and to In Touch Weekly, which relayed the quote.

Joy-Anna shows fortitude on social media

While the Duggars seem to brush aside the snide, rude, and hostile commentary flooding their social media accounts, Joy-Anna demonstrated that she has the fortitude to state what’s on her mind when the need presents itself.

The troll experienced a classy retort when Joy-Anna tackled the rudeness by taking the straightforward approach. She wrote, “I love him MORE than I ever have.” Take that, troll!

Duggar daughters have taken a lot from followers

The Duggar daughters have dealt with more than is even appropriate to speculate or circulate. Gossip mongers are plentiful, asking if this or that daughter is pregnant, if one is having marital problems or considering divorce, and if one, most specifically, is in a lesbian relationship.

It’s like - People! Get a life! No one seems to have more time on their or hands than some of the Duggars’ social media followers.

In the future, Joy-Anna might emulate her older sister Jessa Duggar Seewald, even more, when trolls get out of line. In Touch stated that Jessa has “tons of practice shutting down the peanut gallery.” If Joy-Anna is not getting pointers from Jess, In Touch stated, she might have been “taking notes this whole time!”

Based on the November holiday photos that Joy-Anna kindly shared with her fans and followers, it seems that the family of three had an awesome time while in Texas and that the young mom truly does love her husband – and her in-laws. Café Mom said it well, conveying precisely what many followers think about Joy-Anna, her husband, and her son: “We love every picture we can get of them.”

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