Mention Jenelle Evans' husband, David Eason, and news of drama will likely follow. Janelle recently hiccuped in following his social media. Just in time for the December holiday, Eason delivers more shock. Controversy is not a surprise but the fact that he played a game with a knife is startling.

Recently, the antics of the Eason-Evans family included waving a confederate flag. As a father and stepfather, a lesson he could be teaching the children is not to play with knives. His method for delivering a message through juvenile behavior is confusing, however.

It is possible, though, that his goal is to teach what not to do, through these antics.

Ex-reality star stabbed finger

Eason took to social media on December 15 to relay that he accidentally stabbed himself while playing with a knife, In Touch Weekly reported. While other adult men might enjoy a game of poker with cards, the former MTV star’s version entailed spreading his fingers and poking the knife in-between them. Sounds like fun. Not hardly. But for, Eason, 30, the game conjured fond memories about the “fun” times he had in his younger days as he “poked a knife “between his fingers as quickly as possible,” according to Starcasm.

Game displayed ‘dangerous levels of dumb’

Before showing off his knife skills, paired with his aim, Eason probably should have considered some type of warm-up exercise, double-checking his reflexes.

After all, he stated in his Instagram video that he had not played the game “in years,” Starcasm noted, pointing out that his footage contains “dangerous levels of dumb” resulting in “some blood.”

Eason, ever-so-worried about what MTV fans and social media followers might think, turned to Facebook on December 16 to assure everyone that his finger survived the incident.

In his finger status update, he remarked that he did not “hurt” himself. In Touch Weekly described his finger as being slightly nicked.

Locked out of Instagram after Secret Service visit

In addition to sharing news about his finger following his knife game, Eason also claimed that Instagram locked him out of his own account, OK!

Magazine reported. According to him, and a video he posted to his account on December 14, the Secret Service made a house call. The alleged visit was in response to an earlier video he shared, showing him “firing an automatic weapon,” Starcasm reported.

After initially ranting about the Secret Service trek to “The Land,” as he and Jenelle reference the property she owns in North Carolina, the former “Teen Mom 2’ cast member toned down his remarks. He stated that he is certainly not “stupid enough” that he would “engage” with law enforcement in a “fire fight,” according to Starcasm and additional media outlets.

Eason annoyed by federal agents

He also delved into the topic of the Secret Service reportedly not "staying in the driveway.” If the agency were to visit him again, he wants them to show respect and not park on the grass. The agents will not annoy him nearly as much if they just do as he asks. According to Starcasm, Eason wants a display of “common respect.”

Firing rifle, bump stock, and hashtags

The video that prompted the alleged visit by the Secret Service is the effect of his November 30 Instagram video that depicted Jenelle’s husband “firing a rifle with a bump stock,” In Touch reported. His post included such hashtags as "Nancy Pelosi” and “MAGA.” The outcome of his questionable videos (and rants) led to Eason’s access to his Instagram account being blocked, according to him.

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