Former MTV star Ryan Edwards will always be known as a Teen Mom dad to sons Bentley and baby Jagger. He was also set as Mackenzie Standifer’s husband. Regardless of his past problems, allegedly involving drugs and legal woes, his wife assured people that she was staying with him. She made her stance known publicly, however, before news broke by Radar Online, on December 18, that Ryan appears to have jumped back on Tinder, hitting on a woman for a hookup.

Wife supported husband during rehab

In addition to reporting its “exclusive,” Radar Online also posted photos, allegedly of Ryan’s penis, along with text, indicating that he was making moves on a match for a potential sexual liaison.

He seemed to be getting his life on-track, having completed the entire 90-day stay at a rehab facility. He did not cut out early and even missed the birth of his first son with Mackenzie, Jagger Ryan Edwards.

For Mackenzie, the time Ryan spent in treatment was for the benefit of their relationship and their future life together. Her perspective was Ryan’s long-term health outweighed “a drop in [Jagger’s] life,” In Touch Weekly reported.

Relapse means Mackenzie might ‘file for divorce’

According to the publication, Ryan might be in for his wife having a change of heart. Mackenzie reportedly told a “source” that she will file for divorce” if her husband relapses.

The source also elaborated that Mackenzie “does not want to be with someone who doesn’t help himself.”

Flirting on app nothing new for former MTV star

While the couple was married, Ryan reportedly flirted with women in 2017. At the time, he was making time with women, it was also when he used the Tinder app. In Touch Weekly reported that Ryan told a woman that he was honest, telling a woman that he was married and that he “liked to have a little fun.” Three women claimed, in March 2018, that Tinder also matched them with the ex-reality star.

That Ryan is not reported to have had a meet-and-greet with a Tinder match is a good thing. His alleged flirtatious behavior on the app is not a bonus, however, for his relationship with his wife, who only recently decided to share a photo of their baby boy.

Mom posts baby photo on social media

Before posting the picture of Jagger on her Instagram account, she did share photos with her social media followers but shielded his face with a different image. The first public image of Jagger shows the couple with their baby son, as well as Hudson, Mackenzie’s son from a previous relationship. As Starcasm noted, Ryan looks well – both healthy and happy – in the picture taken with his family. He is holding Jagger.

MTV Teen Mom fans and the couple’s social media followers have offered well wishes for the family. Ryan’s sobriety and success, following rehab, will, naturally, benefit Bentley, the son he shares with his ex-girlfriend, Maci Bookout. People want the best for Bentley and for Jagger.

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