Twitter reacts to rumors of Condoleeza Rice as the Cleveland Browns head coach

Rumors began swirling on Sunday that Condoleeza Rice was being interviewed for the Browns head coach job. Social media had an opinion.

On Sunday, rumors began circulating that Condoleeza Rice is interviewing for the Cleveland Browns head coaching job. Unsurprisingly, social media had several takes about the issue.


The obvious reaction

This particular Twitter user summed up what we've all been thinking since we heard the news.


The next obvious choice

If they're going to hire Rice, they might as well add other people from the administration. George W. Bush has always been more of a baseball guy but who knows?


Yet another reaction we were all thinking

While some think this has to be a joke, there are other Twitter users who are simply confused.


That's a bold strategy

Anyone who has ever watched the movie "Dodgeball" has seen this exchange and it certainly works perfectly here.


Utter confusion

Sometimes you don't have to say anything. Sometimes a look is all it takes to convey your opinion about a particular idea.

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