Top 5 movies at box office for November 16-18 weekend

These five films earned the most money with moviegoers over the past weekend.

The Thanksgiving holiday is on the way and families are heading out to see films at the theaters. Over the past weekend, a few new entries checked into the top five with one of those taking the top spot. All five will be vying for more dollars over the holiday weeks ahead. Here are the five top Movies in terms of box office revenue for November 16 through 18 (per Box Office Mojo).


'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindewald' (2018)

The new J.K. Rowlings film brings another prequel to the 'Harry Potter' franchise. Its magic continues at the box office, taking the top spot with $62.2 million in its debut weekend.


'Dr. Seuss' The Grinch' (2018)

'The Grinch' continues to bring the green! While Disney's 'Nutcracker' film failed, 'The Grinch' is continuing to rule the early holiday season. It was the No. 1 film a week ago and drops to No. 2 with another $38 million-plus earned at the box office.


'Bohemian Rhapsody' (2018)

'Is this a real life or just a fantasy?' Those are the famous words from Freddie Mercury and Queen's classic. It's real life for the film's success at the box office based on audiences loving what critics were ho-hum on. 'Rhapsody' took in $15.7 million in its latest turn at the box office.


'Instant Family' (2018)

There hasn't been a lot of films to laugh at when it comes to recent box office hits. However, the new comedy "Instant Family" starring Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne was laughing to the bank this weekend with $14.7 million scored at theaters!


'Widows' (2018)

It's the new drama/mystery heist film from Steve McQueen. It's also got an ensemble cast starring Oscar winner Viola Davis, as well as stars like Colin Farrell, Liam Neeson, and Academy Award nominee Daniel Kaluuya. It brought in a less-than-expected $12.3 million for its debut, but could still bring in the crowds over the holiday weeks.

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