Almarosa Tenorio, 52, was allegedly strangled by her male partner aboard the Royal Princess ship during a Caribbean getaway. The man, described by the Daily Mail (UK) as “muscular,” was reportedly “hauled off” the luxury vessel by investigators in Aruba on November 13.

The couple was on a round-trip cruise that was destined to Travel around the Caribbean after leaving Florida only days earlier on November 9. News about the woman's death is still unfolding. There are conflicting reports about whether the man removed from the ship was actually married to Tenorio and whether he is suspected of foul play.

Tragedy dubbed an 'incident'

According to news reports, including the Sun-Sentinel, the ship left from Fort Lauderdale. The “incident,” as some media agencies have dubbed the woman’s death, was reported the FBI, as well as to authorities in Aruba, according to KTLA. The FBI is actively investigating the woman’s death.

Altercation started in ship’s casino

According to the Daily Mail, the man and woman reportedly started fighting at roughly 10:30 PM while in the casino located on the Lido deck, which is the 16th floor. The couple’s altercation allegedly led to the man choking the woman to death and tossing her over the balcony. Her leg was reportedly “torn off.”

She plummeted to a lifeboat on “deck 7” at approximately 4:00 AM, the Daily Mail relayed.

During the early stages after news broke that an “incident” happened on the Royal Princess, CBS News reported that the police in Aruba relayed on Facebook that the woman’s death was probably not “a natural death.” Tenorio, of Spanish Fort, Alabama, was identified. WFLA reported on November 19 that Tenorio’s family verified that she died aboard the cruise vessel.

Princess Cruises, which is headquartered in Santa Clarita, California, released a statement that the company is “deeply saddened by the incident,” plus extended condolences to the woman’s family and “those affected.”

Passenger posted ‘cryptic’ message to cruise ‘community website’

A passenger also aboard the luxury ship was initially “puzzled,” the Miami Herald reported.

As a result of the confusion, a reportedly ‘cryptic’ post was shared on a cruise “community website.” The passenger noted, ”Last night something serious happened on Royal Princess.” The message further indicated that there was an announcement at 4:30 AM that was “broadcast directly into the cabins.” The ship’s security personnel was summoned to “deck 7,” which is where the woman’s body landed, according to the post and the Herald.

Ship’s guests ‘horrified’ by ‘gruesome scene’

One passenger on the cruise told the Daily Mail that “blood and broken glass” were visible inside the lifeboat from the vantage point of the passenger’s cabin. Another person stated that 10 police officers boarded the ship, announcing that there was a criminal investigation underway and that passengers would need to be given clearance.

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