After being booted by TCL from reality television, which brought the Duggars’ family show to a screeching halt, Josh left life as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. His behavior rendered him pretty much useless to the conservative Family Research Council.

Not only did In Touch Weekly break the story that Duggar reportedly molested four of his sisters, as well as a babysitter, it was also discovered that he was active on Ashley Madison – for cheating spouses seeking sexual thrills.

Ex-reality show cast member returned to home state

He tucked tail and went back to his home state of Arkansas with his wife, Anna, and their children in tow.

With no reality television and no lobbying job, Duggar had to earn a living. Car sales was familiar ground.

Advance from the time the scandal broke about Duggar and how a friendly officer (who was since convicted of child porn possession) assisted the family by meeting with Jim Bob’s and Michelle’s eldest son, and here goes another round with a different publication breaking news about Josh Duggar slighting the law. Radar Online reported the scoop that Duggar’s management of Wholesale Motorcars has not kept within the state’s laws.

Disgraced Duggar left D.C., running ‘shady’ car lot in Arkansas

No need to dance around the nitty-gritty. Radar penned that Duggar was “caught running a shady business” in Washington County, Arkansas.

Hey, is that not the same county that Duggar named in a lawsuit about his privacy allegedly being breached after the documents about molestation were released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)?

Yeah, he contends that he cannot say it never happened because the documents were not automatically expunged when he turned 18.

Well, duh. His parents and officer Duggar-friendly made sure that nothing was processed through the juvenile justice system so…. Well, it seems that there’s nothing to purge when there was no case adjudicated.

Missteps will attract attention

Honestly, after all the attention Duggar has drawn to his hometown and the county, it is unfathomable that he might have believed he could slip under the radar on overlooking any law or technicality.

He appears to have a flair for attracting negative scrutiny. His past will not go away, not even with wishful thinking. Every misstep is bound to attract media like a magnet.

The used car sales business failed to obtain a permit, In Touch reported. The state of Arkansas says it is a huge no-no to operate a commercial business, such as a car lot, in an area that has been designated as residential. Zoning regulations and the absence of a permit brought the law’s attention. Whoops!

Not once, not twice, but three times the fire marshal notified Duggar that he needed to comply with the law. As the saying goes, “The third time’s the charm.” Okay, so he obtained a “conditional use permit,” In Touch reported.

Overlooking laws might make some suspect of former reality star’s ethics

Not having a permit, however, was not the end of his troubles. There was no visible address at the entrance. What? He did not want people to Google and making getting directions easier? The condensed version reads: His business is not in-step with the codes that need to be followed.

In Touch reported that he must “install smoke detectors in the office, create a fire lane for emergency vehicles, and construct a 20-feet driveway among other updates.” Whew! Some people might question his ethics.

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