Twitter reacts to Facebook and Instagram being down

Facebook and Instagram have both been down in the US for most of the morning Twitter users have had some ... strong opinions on the matter.

Facebook and Instagram have been down for most of the morning on Tuesday, November 20. True to their nature, Twitter users have had some strong reactions to the service not being remotely usable.


We always have to check

And when we do check this kind of thing, we generally do it with a feeling of panic that isn't really deserved.


The oncoming tide

Maybe the caravan we've heard so much about is really just a bunch of people coming to see if Facebook is working.


Twitter has to be loving this

One user quickly caught on that there is one active and working major social media network right now.


Social media managers not having a great day

People forget there are entire professions dedicated to getting reactions on Social media.


The wait continues

You can be honest with us, you thought you would just go and get other stuff done. Now you're just hitting refresh over and over hoping Facebook is back.

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