Fresh eruptions by the Volcano of Fire in Guatemala is forcing the disaster coordination authorities to advise the people to leave the area and move to safer places. It's been erupting since 2002 and has now become a more or less regular affair since 2017. The height of the lava being spewed is a matter of concern because these are unpredictable. There was one eruption a few months ago and it left 194 dead with another 234 missing. Lava is spewing from the summit of the volcano and some areas in the south-central part of the country are in danger.

Daily Mail UK reports that a spokesman for the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction advised that there is constant monitoring of the activities of the Volcano of Fire and there is no letup in the intensity of eruptions. It is a natural disaster and the situation is serious. Therefore, authorities feel people must evacuate for their own safety.

Volcano of Fire leaves a trail of destruction

The volcano in Guatemala is leaving behind a trail of death and destruction.

The molten lava from deep down in the earth erupts with violence and spews ash and rock. These flow down the flanks of the mountain and burn down everything in its path. Temperatures reach very high levels of up to 700C (1,300F), and the mix of hot ash and volcanic gases can cause health hazards. Moreover, they destroy homes and block roads, bringing communication to a standstill.

Volcano of Fire also known as Volcan de Fuego is one of the most active in Central America and erupted in June.

There is confusion about the casualty figures. In the opinion of aid groups who helped with rescue, the number of those still unaccounted could be high. In fact, it “runs into thousands.”

It is a major disaster

According to Press Republican, nearly 4,000 residents have moved out of the region of the Volcano of Fire in Guatemala. The eruption threw dangerous red-hot rock, molten lava and ash into the surroundings that was already in the grip of the previous eruptions earlier this year.

The height of the mountain is 12,300-foot and nearby homes felt the vibration from the explosion in its depths. It seems the hot rock and ash extended to about 1.5 miles down one flank of the volcano and Guatemala City felt the effect as ash drifted towards it.

People took heed of the warnings by disaster coordination authorities and relocated to shelters. They will now have to rebuild their lives because Natural Disasters of this nature leave behind only destruction and the survivors may have to begin from scratch. While on the subject of volcanoes, here are 5 volcanoes that could erupt in our lifetime.

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