5 celebrities who had to leave their homes to the Malibu fires

We've all been hearing about the wildfires in California that have led to people evacuating. That includes some well known celebs.


We've seen the people who are fleeing the wildfires in Malibu, California. Among those people have been some of the rich and famous we often see on the silver screen, the small screen, or the stage. Check out some of the Celebrities who have reportedly had to leave their homes in these fires.


Gerard Butler

You can see that the fire didn't just destroy Butler's home, it absolutely wiped it out as well as one of his cars.


Jessica Simpson

The sultry singer posted on Twitter that she was hoping the "angels" would continue protecting her home from the fire but it doesn't look good.


Mark Hamill

The Star Wars veteran made sure everyone knew that while he and his family had to leave their home, his whole crew was safe.

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