As lawyers prepared for the November 5 start date for the trial of alleged drug kingpin Joaquin Guzmán Loera, who is more notoriously known as “El Chapo,” his wife Emma Coronel Aispuro, 29, boosted her husband to social media status.

She created, and possibly deleted, an Instagram account for him, using the handle @joaquinguzmanoficial. Either she deleted or renamed the account or Instagram shut down the account created in the accused drug lord’s name, but not before the Daily Mail (UK) and LADbible took note and screenshots.

Money seems plentiful for the wife of the accused

El Chapo is accused of drug trafficking, as well as money laundering. His trial is going to cost taxpayers plenty to underwrite the process. Money, however, appears endless for his former beauty pageant wife. She is 30 years younger than the accused Sinaloa cartel leader who is currently 61.

Aispuro has not been reserved in making a public display of her spending. She totes “Prada handbags,” Don Diva Magazine reported. She also took a vacation in Los Cabos, as photos on her Instagram account depict. Why stop there when spending so freely? She threw quite a lavish birthday party for the duo’s twin daughters, who turned seven in September, according to the Daily Mail and the New York Post.

Defense lawyers told court that client needed money

It must be so rough on Aispuro and the twins, Emaly and Maria Joaquina, being cash-strapped while waiting for the trial to commence. No, that’s not quite right. Guzmán’s attorneys are the ones who previously told the court that their client needed more money when they asked for a delay in the trial in December 2017, according to NBC News.

He’s only accused of having been the “world’s biggest drug lord,” Don Diva pointed out.

If he cannot pay his own legal fees, needed to present an effective defense, then Guzmán might want to have a conversation with his wife about the exorbitant amount she appears to spend. Alternately, he might even ask her to foot the bill for his legal team.

She married him at 18, so it is doubtful that she fell into a boatload of money – at least not without some assistance. Her display of designer dresses might have been donated, however, by designers who are sympathetic to her plight. She is in quite a financial predicament with her husband locked away, at least, until after his trial.

Wife ‘commissioned’ a ‘Barbie-themed palace’ for twins’ birthday bash

Quite possibly, the “life-sized Barbie-themed palace” that the New York Post reported and that Aispuro “commissioned” for the couple’s daughters and their birthday bash was financed through crowdsourcing that might have gone unnoticed by media. Probably not.

There is a reason that a judge determined Guzmán should be bound over for trial following his extradition to the United States after he escaped prison in Mexico.

Surely, government authorities have some type of credible evidence to back the assertions that “El Chapo” will face in court.

People infuriated by alleged drug trafficker’s wife use of ‘blood money’

Might it be “blood money” from drugs that is providing for the extravagances that Guzmán’s wife seems to enjoy and chooses to present in photos shared on her social media? Sharing photos of her daughters’ party was the tipping point for many people. “Mexicans reacted with fury,” according to the Daily Mail. Aispuro, according to some, has reportedly been spending “blood money” allegedly derived from El Chapo’s “drug empire.”

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