Best Scary as Hell movies in Hulu's Huluween offerings

Hulu is focusing on a ton of Halloween content. Here are the best movies in the Scary as Hell category.


The original Jigsaw

The movie that started a pretty massive series, the first one had a ton of great twists and turns and wasn't just about grossing people out.


28 Weeks Later

The sequel to "28 Days Later" this is a great flick because it's a look into what the rebuild would look like after a zombie Apocalypse. And then what happens when the Apocalypse is still happening.


The Blair Witch Project

One of the first "found footage" films, this is still a classic that is still plenty scary.


Child's Play

The first of the series that features a killer doll. People forget just how spooky this was before the series decided to get campy.


Children of the Corn

The movie about killer children under the influence of a demonic presence, this is a classic thriller.

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