Best Pop Horror movies in Hulu's Huluween offerings

There are all kinds of Pop Horror movies on offer in Huluween, check out the best of the best.


American Psycho

One of the best roles Christian Bale ever played. This yuppy murder spree film is one you can watch over and over.


The Amityville Horror

This movie is one of those that is always thought of as the "classic" haunting tale. Now you can watch it on Hulu.



This is an original take on the vampire movie, where the vampires are ruling the world, until they start running out of human blood.


Once Bitten

A very young Jim Carrey becomes the love interest of a sexy vampire. Spooky hi jinks ensue.


Tragedy Girls

This is a slasher flick that takes a look at our culture in a whole other way.

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