5 big companies joining new communications services sector

Many companies are moving into a brand new S&P sector but here are five of the biggest.


Alphabet Inc. (GOOG)

Alphabet Inc., parent company of tech juggernaut Google, is among those that moved into the new communication services sector. Google was trading at over $1,200 per share on Friday, September 28 and the sky's the limit for the "king of search."


Facebook (FB)

Facebook has been dealing with its share of issues lately, including data scrutiny, fake news, and most recently a major hacking that affected millions of users. FB will move into the communication services sector and currently has a price of $166.95, which is down from its 52-week high.


Netflix (NFLX)

Netflix continues to make major moves in the streaming media game. This company has released a plethora of hit shows ranging from "Ozark" to "Orange is the New Black" to Marvel superheroes. The recent "Maniac" starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill has grabbed interest, while "Daredevil," "House of Cards," and "Designated Survivor" are on the way. NFLX closed at $374.13 recently.


Walt Disney Co. (DIS)

Everyone loves the mouse! Walt Disney Co. isn't just a theme park anymore, but a full provider of entertainment, spanning movies, music, and merchandise. The parks continue to attract plenty of visitors annually, but Disney also owns major movie rights, including Star Wars and Marvel. The DIS stock is trading a bit lower than it's 52-week high at $116.94 as of Friday (September 28).


AT&T (T)

Just like Disney, AT&T is a longtime blue chip that is joining this sector out of the telecommunications sector. Also, just like Disney, it's the only stock on this list that pays a quarterly dividend. It's an attractive 5.96 percent yield at that. Right now, T stock is at a price of $33.58 before trading begins on Monday (October 1).

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