MLB Playoffs 2018: American League playoff teams, odds

Here are the five teams headed to the postseason from the American League, along with their odds to win it all.


Boston Red Sox (+300) AL East

Boston is the best of the best this season, with a 107-54 record, setting the best overall record for the franchise. They're also the top favorite oin the odds to win it all. Now, they'll have to prove they can handle the best of the American League through the playoffs, with some tough potential matchups looming.


Houston Astros (+333) AL West

While Boston is the favorite, Houston (103-58) is not far behind at all. They are the reigning World Series champions after all. They'll begin their title defense soon, behind stars such as Javy Lopez. They've also looked considerably better than the Red Sox over their past 10 games, going 8-2 during that stretch.


Cleveland Indians (+900) AL Central

As of right now, the Indians are the AL team that won their division "easiest," perhaps, or it's that they're just that good. Cleveland sports a 90-71 record right now, and a 13-game lead over the Twins. They'll be representing the AL Central when the playoffs get underway and hoping to get back to the World Series for the first time in a few seasons.


New York Yankees (+1000) Wild Card #1

It wouldn't be an MLB postseason without the Yankees. There's also potential for that historic Yankees-Red Sox rivalry to play out in the postseason. Meanwhile, this Bronx Bombers squad is crushing home run records and adding to their impressive triple-digit win total as they'll take a Wild Card spot in the playoffs.


Oakland Athletics (+1600) Wild Card #2

The other Wild Card spot goes to everyone's favorite "Moneyball" squad. The A's are on the verge of joining the Red Sox, Yankees, and Stros as 100-game winners this season in the American League and MLB. That makes the postseason look very interesting.

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