AMC is fighting against MoviePass and has now teamed up with Facebook to provide more ticket-purchasing options. Deadline has reported that Facebook users will soon see a movies tab on the Facebook homepage that offers them options to buy tickets through AMC, Atom, or Fandango. AMC has been struggling to attract moviegoers as MoviePass is offering plans that allow subscribers to watch a movie every day. It has been a heated issue, causing AMC to consider not honoring MoviePass.

This joint AMC-Facebook effort is intended to capitalize on people who are already on Facebook and would rather purchase a ticket, without having to open another tab or browser.

Stephen Colanero, the chief marketing officer for AMC Theatres, has said that AMC's intentions have been to simplify the process of buying tickets online and make it as easy as possible for guests. Facebook is rolling out this plan, as other social platforms continue to evolve, such as WhatsApp, which now allows users to post social status updates.

AMC launched service to compete against MoviePass

Last month, AMC announced the launch of AMC Stubs A-List, which is a direct competitor to MoviePass. The plan allows moviegoers the ability to see up to three films per week in any AMC theater, for $20 per month. MoviePass is currently offering several plans, with the cheapest plan costing $7.95 per month.

AMC went even further with its A-list plan by offering moviegoers IMAX and 3D options, which MoviePass does not offer.

Mashable reported that this new service also allows advanced purchasing instead of being forced into buying at the theater, which MoviePass requires you to do. However, with this plan, it only works at AMC theaters and moviegoers won't have access to a lot of the small theaters that have been a strong point with MoviePass.

Facebook looking to make ticket buying easier

Facebook's product manager for movie ticketing, Swapna Joshi said that this is a new way that they are making going to the movies fun and simpler. There's no exact date for the launch, but it's expected to be in the coming weeks. The program is currently being tested at a handful of AMC locations across the country.

AMC is the first movie exhibitor to work alongside with Facebook on this ticket platform. AMC has said that there will be an introductory promotion, which waives all ticketing fees for users who purchase tickets through Facebook. Facebook is also working at adding a feature to block movie spoilers.

Facebook is already working with Fandango and Atom Tickets. This new joint-partnership gives Facebook users access to the world's largest theater operator, with over 1,000 theaters and 11,000 screens. This new deal comes as AMC works to draw in more moviegoers into seats, after announcing they would be adding RealD 3D to all of its new theaters across the country. This new service appears to be a possible threat to MoviePass, as they continue to struggle to stay afloat.