Last minute summer vacation spots may very well be on your mind at this time of the year. Summer seems to take forever to arrive and then it speeds away before we know it. However, it's not too late to get in some holiday fun and in a lot of instances, it won't bust your budget either.

Summer is a time for the great outdoors, and as fall is creeping into our lives, here are nine top last-minute summer vacation spots to consider. Some of them will even benefit others so you can have fun and spread goodwill at the same time. How good is that?

1) Nature Valley Hiking Challenge for summer vacation

If you love to hike then this is the ideal opportunity to get outdoors on a quick vacation before the summer season ends. The Nature Valley Hiking Challenge could be just right for you. The Multivu press release site notes that until the end of next month, you can download the app to enter the challenge.

Themed the "Summer of a Million Miles Challenge," you won't have to do all one million miles on your own. Actually, it's a collective effort by like-minded people. The Nature Valley Website says that they "will donate $250,000 to the National Park Foundation." The MapMyHike app can be downloaded on their website and you can find and select the hikes that are best for you.

If you search for "Summer of a Million Miles Challenge," there are a few Nature Valley affiliated hiking guides on Google in and around the Santa Monica Mountains.

2) Colorado road trip

If you're in Colorado, there are affordable and unusual road trips for your last-minute summer vacation. The Collegian pointed out that if you love to gaze at the stars at night, there are two small towns ideal for that. They make a serious effort to reduce "light pollution" so you can have the best nights out star-gazing.

These are the towns of Westcliffe and Silver Cliff. From Fort Collins, if you take the I-25 S, it's about a four-hour drive. There are a number of camping grounds and RV parks in the area. Don't forget to pack a telescope.

3) San Diego beach vacation

There's still time to enjoy the last weeks of summer at the beach. San Diego is not the biggest budget buster. There are so many different types of accommodation to choose from, it's easy to find the right stay for you. What's up with beaches in San Diego? Well, firstly there's the beautiful La Jolla with beaches, caves to explore and cliffs to hike around. Then there's the quieter spot at Coronado. Coronado doesn't feature a lot of nightlife, but it's great for a relaxing time.

Coronado also has a bay-front bike path.

4) Seattle, Washington short getaway

Seattle in Washington is great for a short stay while on vacation. Why not take a scenic ferry ride and top the day out with a delicious seafood meal? There are plenty of coffee bars to keep your kick going for other activities. Get up to Space Needle overlooking the city and visit the Pike Place Market. If you have the kids with you, you can spend the whole day at the Waterfront Park. There's a picnic area and on the north side, you can explore the Seattle Aquarium.

5) Get back to the wild west in Jackson Hole Valley, Wyoming

There are many camping spots and mid-range to luxury hotels in the area in the Grand Teton mountains.

Incidentally, it's only around a one-hour drive from Yellowstone National Park. It's an ideal vacation destination if you love rafting, hiking, and the great outdoors. Take your camera along as you may spy some elk and the scenery gives you photo ops everywhere you turn your gaze. A must-do summer activity is in Teton Village. Catch The Jackson Hole Aerial Tram to the top for stunning views.

6) Chicago, Illinois for nightlife and beachfront parks

Chicago is a fun city to visit. Pick your accommodation to balance with your budget and get into a place where fun vacation things are on all day and into the night. For the family, there are beach parks, and for the young at heart, pubs, restaurants, and bars.

Otherwise, there's the Navy Pier for a good day out, or choose from the Lincoln Park Zoo and a cruise along the Chicago River.

7) Canada: Tofino, British Columbia.

Maybe you're already in Canada or don't have to worry about a budget summer vacay. In that case, an ideal family trip can be experienced in Tofino, British Columbia. Get the kids out and about and visit the stunning Pacific Rim National Park. Beaches, whale watching and boat tours to try and spot some bears cater for the adventurous types. For the brave at heart, there's the chance to try some cold-water surfing.

8) Summer in the Bahamas

It's not too late to cram in a trip to the Bahamas. Watersports, beaches, boat trips and ATV off-road tours offer multiple choices for your summer vacation activities.

It's a great summer destination for the young and in love, as well as for families. If you enjoy bird watching, take along your binoculars and camera and head for the nature parks and protected areas. Eco-rafting and beach horse-riding will appeal to the eco-traveler.

9) Barcelona in Spain

Further afield is Barcelona in Spain. You still have a bit of summertime left, so consider a four or five-day visit. The Catalan city is full of color and culture. It's famous for excellent museums and amazing architecture. Hot air balloon rides should satisfy the adventure-spirited visitor. Visit the Montserrat Monastery or hike the sheltered and hidden bays of Barcelona Costa Brava. Bars and restaurants are all over the place and you could try some traditional Spanish cuisine.

If you thought it was too late to put together a last-minute summer vacation, it's not. Actually, even if you were not considering a break, why not plan to get away from the screen and get out and about while the weather stays warm? Whether it's a weekend away, or a flight overseas, there are lots of things to do that possibly meet your personal budget and lifestyle.