After Marvel, which might feature She-Hulk in a movie soon, started churning out successful intertwined adaptations, DC and Warner Brothers decided to give it a go. This originally started with 2011's "Green Lantern." That didn't work out quite as they hoped. However, they eventually did get their franchise going with the much more successful "Man of Steel," released in 2013.

As what is now the DC Extended Universe moves along, the chances are plentiful for different characters to shine. Many of which have never been featured in a major motion picture previously.

As Cinema Blend suggests, production and pre-production has already begun on several projects. But even more could be on their way soon. Especially as rumors circulate that DC is looking to increase their workload, as Comic Book Resources reports.

The Sandman

Not be confused with other DC and Marvel characters called Sandman, this is *The* Sandman. Not a classical hero, The Sandman is a metaphysical being who controls people's dreams, good or bad. Numerous attempts have been made to adapt the character for film or television. Most recently, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was set to star and David S. Goyer was attached to produce a movie. A script was written for this movie, but momentum behind it stalled.


Static, the alter-ego of Virgil Ovid Hawkins, is perhaps the most famous character to come from Milestone Comics. An imprint of DC Comics, Milestone showcased a variety of minority characters. Hawkins obtains his electric powers after being doused with chemicals while inadvertently being caught up in a gang war. Static would go on to be the featured character of the animated series "Static Shock." With the premiere of the "Black Lightning" tv series in 2018, it has been speculated that Static could appear.

The possibility of the character headlining a separate movie or series has also been raised.


Rex Mason was an adventurer was ends up with the ability to alter elements. These include those that make up his own body, and thus he is a shape-shifter. Metamorpho has since been a prominent member of a superhero group, the Outsiders.

Additionally, he has, at times been a lesser-known member of the Justice League. Like Static, Metamorpho has been mentioned as a possible inclusion on "Black Lightning." However, his name has also been floated a possible movie headliner.

Plastic Man

Plastic Man can easily be confused with DC's Elongated Man or Marvel's Mister Fantastic. He is really Patrick O'Brian, an orphan who turned to a life of crime. He ultimately gets his powers of elasticity during a failed robbery attempt. He opted to use his abilities for good and eventually be a Justice League member. A second "Justice League" movie may already be in the works. Multiple attempts have been made to feature the character in a live action film or tv series.

Keanu Reeves was attached to a project at one point, but it was never produced.

Animal Man

Bernhard Baker was a movie stuntman who happened to be near an alien spaceship when it exploded. As a result, he can temporarily acquire the ability of any animal on Earth that he chooses. He has since formed a partnership with the Swamp Thing and sometimes worked with the Justice League. Animal Man has also been mentioned among possible future adaptations.