Animals are amazing. We cannot deny that animals peak our interests, and we want to protect them with all our power. While some prefer cats and dogs, others prefer rats and mice, but let's not forget about reptiles, birds, and insects. We all have our pet preferences, some may just love animals in general. Through the years, cats and dogs have their purposes as Pets from being a hunter to pest control. More exotic animals are kept as pets just because they are cute. What do we really know about our closest companions? Let us find interesting facts about the animals we love and care for.

Reports by Mental Floss and Pet Insurance provided most of the details used in this article.


  • A lot of money is spent on our pets. In 2017 alone, almost $2 billion was spent on just our pets in the United States.
  • Cats only meow at us. Cats were observed with both other cats and their human companions. It was found that the cats would not meow to each other, but would meow to their human friends. They try mimicking the sound of a human's cry to get their owner's attention.
  • Dogs only sweat through their paw pads. When dogs pant, it discharges heat from their bodies, but it is not them sweating.
  • Over 10,000 years dogs have been domesticated, they were the first animals to be domesticated.
  • 80 million United States households own pets, over 45 percent of these homes own more than one animal.
  • It was seen that most hamsters only blink one eye at a time. They rapidly wink at you!
  • Cats have better memories than dogs. Cats can remember a trick without repeating it for two months. Most dogs, however, need to repeat the trick once every two weeks to remember it.
  • Cats can jump up to seven times their own size.


We love our animals, and we love to learn about them.

Our pets become more like our children than actual animals. We get connected to our pets rather easily and we wish they would live longer, even by just a couple more years. Animals have shown signs of emotions toward their human friends as well. Lizards begin to trust us to provide them with food and water, dogs excitedly wait for their human to come home so that they can have love and pets.

Cats act like they only tolerate us, but show their love from time to time. Rats and mice get excited about their love times. Hamsters stare at us until we pet them. Even fish get excited when we pay attention to them, and they watch what we do! Animals are fascinating, all they need is to be shown some love, and they will soon become our best friends. Try not to befriend wild animals, though, they might whip back and fight you if you do.