No one knows the origin of this mysterious wolf-like creature and its odd characteristics are baffling the experts today. The creature was shot and killed by a rancher in Montana after it posed a risk to his livestock.

The rancher said that this creature came within several hundred yards of his animals so he shot and killed it. After the creature was shot, the rancher reported this kill to the wildlife officials in Montana, which is required by the laws of that state.

Not a wolf

The animal resembled a wolf, but when the officials examined the creature it was clear that it was not a wolf, but something else, something they've not encountered before.

For starters, the fur was uncharacteristic of a wolf. This creature had greyish fur that was long. The body of the animal was short and it had a large head. The animal's snout was extended and it had uncommonly large ears, which were too long to be the ears of a wolf.

The wolf-like creature's front claws were too long to be deemed a wolf. The Wildlife Fish & Parks specialists would not speculate on this latest find, but that didn't stop the armchair experts from weighing in. People across the social media platforms tagged this creature as many different things.

Some were bizarre and some were based on a scientific guess.

Werewolf suggestions come out of the woodwork

Some folks suggested what these experts were looking at was a hybrid-wolf. Imaginations ran wild as others conjured up that old eerie werewolf legend, according to WHIOTV 7. As seen in the video above there were all types of suggestions on how this creature came to be.

A group of volunteer researchers, who call themselves the North American Dogman Project, track these type of mysterious creature discoveries across the nation. They track these reported sightings of wolf-like creatures and they posted a picture of this latest mystery find to their Twitter page. That tweet is seen in the article above.

Testing on carcass

The Ashland, Oregon, lab for the Fish & Wildlife Service will now examine and perform tests on the carcass of this creature. The remains of the wolf-like animal have been sent there for further investigation in hopes they can unravel the mystery of this creature's origins.

Mystery creatures worldwide

With the development of new technology and the availability of this technology becoming more widespread today, inquisitive minds are out there looking to solve these mysteries with the tools of science in hand. One large-scope scientific probe is underway in Scotland with researchers there ready to prove or disprove the existence of the Loch Ness Monster.

Is Nessie in the deep waters?

According to AJC, a scientist, who is also a Nessie skeptic, is ready to hit the Loch Ness body of water within a few weeks with a team. They will collect particles of skin and scales from the water to be analyzed for DNA. Neil Gemmell is leading this probe and he is a scientist who doesn't believe there is a Loch Ness Monster to find. Gemmell does, however, believe there are still undiscovered creatures in this world.

To prove his theory, he is setting out to look for evidence of Nessie, which according to AJC, "is the hook to this project." He and his team plan to use eDNA, which is a technique used to track marine life. After centuries of Nessie sightings, will Gemmell be surprised at what he finds?